We can only begin to fully comprehend
and truly experience the world around us as we
actively attempt to face its entirety in every given
moment, while adjusting ourselves perpetually to
its growth. Metamorphic Functional and
Figurative Ocean Sculptures (Metamorphic
Ocean Art) is a way for us to approach the
expansive breathing soul of our planet by
incorporating its living spirit into our material
proximity, thus smearing the line between the
dynamic nature outside and our constrictive,
man-made dwellings.

In tradition with Nature Art, these pieces use
ocean life as the backbone building material.
And although each item partly dries in the
absence of ocean water, it, none the less, retains
its original agility. Constantly changing its shape
and properties in the context of its surrounding
environment—or metamorphosing, it may be
regarded as another living part of it.

Through their evocative shapes and
these figurines are a life form with
a distinctive soul and spirit. Often surrealistic in
their nature, they may resemble predatory
creatures with fantastical features. To surround
oneself with their likeness is to embrace the
dangers of the real world and accept the “original sin”
of humanity—as first proposed by the
Romantics and Symbolists at the turn of last
century—thereby better appreciating the beauty
and romance of life.

Arts and Crafts proponents rightly pointed out
that we, as humans, may desire to incorporate
nature within our immediate environment to
better suit our inner instincts regarding the
comfort of a living space. Metamorphic Ocean
Art revives this call amid the modern awareness
of the importance of the natural environment.
With their evocative forms, “breathable”
material and oceanic origins, these objects
incorporate global life and eternal vision into the
everyday functions and décor that we touch in
the given moment, everyday.

© Ilya Berger, 2013. Email: ilyaberger@gmail.com